2006 Ch8

Policy TP6: Major Transport Corridors

Kent County Council and Medway Council will press Government, the Regional Assembly and, where appropriate, the Highways Agency to identify and implement integrated transport solutions to the existing and predicted congestion problems on the sections of the Motorway & Trunk Road network listed in Table TP6.


Table TP6: Existing or Predicted Problems on the Motorway & Trunk Road Network Requiring Integrated Transport Solutions

M25 Junction 5 Improvements - Sevenoaks

TP2 To enable a direct link between the M26 and A21 trunk road and thus relieve the settlements on the A25 from through traffic

Kent County Council

"What Price Growth?" 16 December 2008

Landmark projects and programmes for Kent

"What Price Growth? examines our ideas and initiatives aimed at raising the performance of the local economy while protecting Kent's heritage and environment."

Motorway capacity and Junction improvements for the M2, M20 and M25, key junction improvements at Bean, Maidstone, West Mailing and Ashford, new functions for Canterbury and Sevenoaks

Local investment cornerstones:

Sevenoaks M25/M26 interchange improvements

"Kent County Council would therefore like to invite Ministers and officials in HM Treasury to join us in identifying ways to unlock the resources needed to seize this opportunity and rise to this £10 billion challenge over the next twenty years."


Kent County Council & Medway Council

submission to South East England Regional Assembly.

South East Plan: Employment, housing and Infrastructure in Kent. 09 December 2005

M25 Junctions 5 to 7. This section of M25 is heavily congested and is due to be widened to dual four lanes. Widening will be carried out in association with measures such as variable speed limits to make the best use of the motorway. Additionally, road pricing as a demand management measure could be introduced in the next decade. The existing M25/M26 interchange at Chevening (Junction 5) has restricted movements and journeys from/to the M26 to/from A21 north and south are not possible.The consequence is that traffic has to find a non­motorway/trunk road route and this causes unsuitable traffic to use the A25 through villages including Borough Green and Seal. Improvements to this interchange could be included within the scheme to widening the section of motorway.


Kent County Council

Extract from an updated report by Head of Planning Applications Unit to Planning Applications Committee on 21 March 2006.

50. It is generally acknowledged that the length of the A25 from Wrotham Heath to Sevenoaks is a primary route because of the lack of east facing slips at the M25/M26/A21. I am advised that the provision of these slips is likely to be addressed as part of a future phase of the M25 widening but there is no firm programme date for this work and no details of any modifications to the above mentioned interchange.


Kent County Council

Extract from an updated report by Head of Planning Applications Unit to Planning Applications Committee on 16 May 2006.

24. There is discussion within the original report about the relative merits of traffic flow relief that the bypass would bring compared with shift in flows that would result from the provision of east facing slips on the M26 at Chevening. Questions were raised as to the timing of the latter road improvements. Widening of the M25 from junction 5 to 7 within the existing Highway limit was a recommendation of the Government's Multi Modal Study "Orbit" (2001). These widening plans entered the Government's Target Programme of Improvements in April 2004 but it is not certain that the provision of east facing slips onto the M26 will be part of the scheme, as this would require land acquisition outside the highway. Whilst the Highways Agency intend to award the contract for widening the M25 between Junctions 5 and 7 in 2008, the provision of the slip roads is being studied at this time for feasibility. If this study concludes that provision is feasible and/or desirable there would be the opportunity of the scheme going to a public inquiry before being constructed, either at the planning stage or during the Compulsory Purchase Order and Side Roads Order stage. With the above procedures being carried through it is not expected that any scheme would be commenced until post 2010/2011.