This is a selection from individuals and organisations, who, like can see the benefit of east facing slips at J5:

House of Commons - Hansard

Written answers: 2 May 2006: Column 1460W
Mr. Fallon: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what plans he has to change Junction 5 of the M25 further to the proposed road-widening scheme. [67294]

Dr.Ladyman: The M25 Orbit Multi Modal Study recommended that consideration be given to the construction of additional slip roads between the M26 and A21. The Secretary of State accepted this recommendation and the Highways Agency is in the early stages of developing an appropriate scheme.


Borough Green Parish Council
September 2008 minutes
56. M26 East Facing Slip Road
After considerable discussion it was agreed to review the Parish Council's earlier decision to oppose the provision of an east facing slip road on the M26: it was agreed that BGPC no longer opposes the proposal but that its priority remains the promotion of the provision of the Borough Green bypass.


St Mary's Platt Parish Council
Public Consultation response to Highways Agency January to April 2003, for proposed works to M26/M20/A20
Concerns re noise in Borough Green and Platt.
Alternative to Operation stack should be sought.
Need for M25/M26 slip.


St Mary's Platt Parish Council
Platt Village News, December 2008/January2009
'We would welcome the provision of east facing slip roads on the M26 at Sevenoaks......


AGENDA EAST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL  To the Members of the County Council

You are summoned to attend a meeting of the EAST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL to be held at County Hall, St Anne’s Crescent, Lewes, on TUESDAY, 7 October 2008 at 10.00 am to transact the following business.

   10. Notice of Motion

a) The Chairman has directed under Standing Order 36.9 that the following motion by Councillor Lock shall stand referred to the County Council:

  East Sussex County Council recognizes the A21 as a strategic corridor to the South Coast, supporting regeneration and economic growth throughout the South East Region.

Improvements to the A21 should therefore proceed as a matter of urgency, with priority given to the Tonbridge to Pembury and Baldslow Junction improvement schemes. We welcome the cross-party involvement of MPs and will continue to work with our partners in the A21 Reference Group to ensure that the vital improvements proceed without delay.’



The Board considered the report, and one of the County Members noted that the report listed that only the M25/A21 slip road had been identified for improvements to ease congestion and he asked that this be expanded to include the M25/M26 junction.


Sevenoaks District Council
Sustainability Appraisal (SA) of Sevenoaks Local Development Framework 29/09/2006
Extract from Table 2: Sustainability problems facing Sevenoaks and associated supporting evidence The M25, M26, M2o, Ago Swanley by-pass and a section of the A25 at Riverhead were declared Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) in March 2002 (Sevenoaks Air Quality Action Plan).
The principal cause of poor air quality in Sevenoaks is the large volume of road traffic including a very high proportion of heavy goods vehicles passing through the area on the motorways to and from the Channel ports and tunnel (Sevenoaks Air Quality Action Plan).
The Council has no control over the traffic on major trunk routes such as the M25 and relies on the Government and the Highways Agency to introduce National Strategies and local measures to reduce the air pollution affecting the area (Sevenoaks Air Quality Action Plan).
Most residents are increasingly dependent on private cars and car ownership per household is increasing (Sevenoaks Sustainable Development Action Plan).


SEVENOAKS TOWN COUNCIL : Annual Report 2003/04  26.       Kent And Medway Structure Plan 

The Committee considered the Deposit plan ‘Mapping Out the Future’ and supported the majority of policies contained therein.  Comments were also submitted urging that the provision of an M25/M26 east facing slip road at Chevening be included to ease the current traffic difficulties on the A25 between Sevenoaks and Borough Green.


Tunbridge Wells Borough Transport Strategy
Adopted July 2003 STRATEGY
2.0.10 The strategic improvements required as part of the Transport Strategy are the responsibility of other organisations to deliver. Network Rail and the Train Operating Companies (TOCs) and the Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) are responsible for planning and delivering rail infrastructure and service improvements, whilst the Department for Transport (DfT) and Kent County Council fund the majority of strategic highway improvements within the borough.

2.0.16 The A228 Colts Hill Strategic Link and provision of slip roads between the A21 and M26 will assist in the delivery of the Transport Strategy. The upgrading of the A228 is important in terms of the economic development of Kent and will improve access for HGVs to Paddock Wood employment areas. The single carriageway link, bypassing Colts Hill, would remove traffic from the residential frontage, improve the local environment and possibly reduce traffic on parts of the A26. Some traffic currently chooses to use the A26 through Tonbridge to access Maidstone, rather than travelling on the A228 because of the poor quality and low capacity of the road. 2.0.17 These strategic highway improvements would help to ensure that through-traffic (particularly HGVs) is directed to appropriate routes. The schemes will reduce traffic flows through villages, with consequential improvements in road safety. Improved village environment and amenity of local residents will also result


Pfizer Limited
Public Consultation response to Highways Agency January to April 2003, for proposed works to M26/M20/A20
Recognition of need to support the region's gateway function.
Concern re congestion at M25/M26 function,...

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Spencer James
24 March 2008
Improve Junction 5 of the M25 to allow access from the M26 to the A21 and vice-versa