HOME A21 DUALLING CAMPAIGN J5 MAPS HISTORY TRAFFIC WHY... Sir John Stanley SUPPORT W KENT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE KCC TMBC MICHAEL FALLON MP has been researching traffic flow data and is surprised to learn that the method of presenting average daily traffic figures seems to be different for each highways authority.

When the M25/M26 was first built, the traffic flow was represented by a Government standard18 hour, October week day, as this typically had the highest flow during the year. Now, it would seem that (according to KCC's website) that they prefer to publish their figures as "24 hour Average Annual Daily Traffic", which give a severely diluted figure and is not representative of the peak flow conditions that most of us suffer from. We call upon KCC to be honest about traffic flows on their network and publish the more realistic peak flow figures.

However, even with diluted figures, there is no escaping the fact that the A25 still has a seriously high traffic flow.

This appears to coincide with an increase in traffic on the M25 / M26 as figures from the Highways Agency tend to suggest: The rise of 11.9% at M25 Junctions 5-6, is the largest increase in traffic volume at any of HA's Monitoring Sites.